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To become an approved carrier, you must have Common or Contract Carrier Authority and insurance naming Packard Logistics certificate holder. Packard Logistics requires new carriers to review, sign and return the Packard Logistics Broker/Carrier Agreement, along with a W-9. All of these requirements must be met before you can be dispatched on a Packard Logistics load.

Packard logistics offers carriers the following

  1. - Packard Logistics pays within 14 days of receipt of your paperwork by check or via our Next Day Pay Program. Paperwork must include the original signed Bill of Lading and invoice. We also advance carriers up to 40% of the truck pay.

  2. - Next Day Pay for Preferred Carriers: For a minimal fee, Packard Logistics will pay you via COMDATA within 24 hours upon receipt of original paperwork. Also, Packard Logistics pays the load fee and provides 1 FREE draw to your funds. Your company can choose to issue a check, use the card at any ATM machine or use the card at any location that accepts Maestro, less applicable fees.

In the event Carriers are looking to lease their equipment and work directly with an established and nationwide motor carrier, Packard Transport, Inc. would be happy to discuss its owner-operator program with you.